About The Company

CH4 Services is a global operator and provider of technology and solutions for Natural Gas for the upstream, midstream and downstream clients in the energy industry. Based in San Juan Puerto Rico, it delivers on Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) for governments and private sector in the Americas.

Through investments in Research and Development, CH4 Services is at the forefront of new Natural Gas technologies, providing solutions to our customers that are technically viable, of the highest quality, cost effective, and environmentally sustainable for our communities.

Our solutions can be summarized
to our three main business lines:

Natural gas

We design, build, and operate end-to-end solutions to supply natural gas for our clients. Our Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) solutions are tailored-made for our customers. Our unique approach and strategic partnerships, allows us to facilitate a secure, stable supply of Natural Gas, that is competitive with all fuels, without limitations on contracted volumes.


Our staff and partners have over 90 years in technical experience servicing the energy and minerals industries, allowing us to adapt to changing market conditions, and compete with new technologies through synergistic assimilation. We specialize in natural gas processing, liquefaction, transport, transmission and delivery through expansion or compression for the integrated value chain in Oil & Gas.

Engineering, procurement
and construction

We specialize in execution, maintenance and operations of EPC projects or “turnkey solutions”. Through our global strategic partnerships, we have access to the highest quality suppliers and necessary shipping logistics to facilitate safe, financially responsible, and timely execution of our client’s projects.