CH4 Services is a technology solutions provider. We deliver a synergistic common ground between suppliers and consumers of the energy industry. Through long standing relationships, founded on people and trust, we deliver for both clients at the moment of carrying out their procurement and out suppliers at the moment of supporting them in obtaining new markets for their products.


Procurement agency services include the purchase of equipment, spare parts, and raw materials for the oil and gas industry, procurement planning for construction projects, operation and maintenance of compressor plants, providing solutions for engineering projects, engineering procurement construction (EPC), operation and maintenance services (O & M), compressor fleet recovery, and aftermarket service of compression equipment.
1. Supply parts, equipment and raw materials for the Gas and Oil industry.

2. The planning, purchase, tracking and delivery of materials and equipment ensuring compliance with manufacturing and maintenance schedules.

3. The evaluation of new suppliers based on specific needs with qualification of processes and products.